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Citation: Moulin N, Decaens T, Annoyer P (2017) Diversity of mantids (Dictyoptera: Mantodea) of Sangha-Mbaere Region, Central African Republic, with some ecological data and DNA barcoding.
Series of specimens were obtained from Marios Aristophanous, Philippe Annoyer, Samuel Danflous, Philippe Moretto, Enrico Ruzzier and the present author; further specimens were examined from collections housed in the museums cited below.
Annoyer (1[male]); Central African Republic, Dzanga-N'Doki National Park, Lac 1, 19.11.2012, 25.11.2012 (UV trap), P.
Annoyer ( 1 [male] holotype) (BMPC); Central African Republic, N'Doki National Park, 10.X.2008 (UV trap), P.
Everyone should remember that Thorndike remarked that bonds or connections (learning) are "stamped in" by satisfiers, but "stamped out" by annoyers.
He published fiction in which heroines could always take care of themselves and any annoyers. His heroes often progressed from extreme emaciation and weakness to robust, handsome health--by following the Macfadden way and presumably by eating in the Macfadden Vegetarian Restaurants, of which he founded a large number.
John Sewell, from onepoll, said: "James Blunt isn't the obvious choice, but any song at No1 for so long does start to get annoying." Oldest song in the top 10 annoyers is Lulu's 1964 hit Shout.