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n a communication, usually printed, that states office policies or practice limitations to the public and profession.
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Abstract deadline: 27 February 2017 Preregistration deadline: 15 May 2017 Manuscript deadline: 26 July 2017 Initial announcement published: Feb.
Almost 98 per cent of the announcements made by Bahuguna in the past year have been non- starters.
The following is the Reserve Bank's schedule for the release of its quarterly Monetary Policy Statements and Official Cash Rate announcements for 2010.
To purchase advertising space for a wedding, anniversary or engagement announcement, call Wendy Carole at 683-7612.
This announcement creates an additional senior-level vacancy among the agency staff.
The radical business changes, carried out under the title "Transformation 60," are designed to spare investors from any repeat of the "Sony Shock" that rattled the market after a dire April results announcement.
The time frame within which the company must make a public announcement depends on whether the selective disclosure was intentional or unintentional.
Technology lab teacher Matt Anderson came up with the idea of a school television studio and show four years ago as a way to grab the attention of students tired of listening to announcements droning over the public address system.
Multi-homing by its nature forces the announcement of smaller (more specific) routes, hence the growing problem with Internet routing.
This program announcement invites applications for P20 planning grants that lead to the establishment of National Programs of Excellence in Biomedical Computing.
Announcement 93-60 and the Current IRS Audit Position