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n a communication, usually printed, that states office policies or practice limitations to the public and profession.
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They were stopped and questioned at the gate by which they sought to enter the city, but Athos replied, in excellent English, that they had been sent forward by Colonel Harrison to announce to his colleague, Monsieur Bridge, the approach of the king.
If I consent to announce you, may I at least know whom to announce, monsieur?
I want everybody to know--I want you to let me announce it this evening at the ball.
One might bring one's self to announce aldermen and burgomasters, but a hosier was too much.
He bent towards his neighbor, the Abbé of Saint Geneviéve, and said to him in a low tone,--"Fine ambassadors monsieur the archduke sends here, to announce to us Madame Marguerite
At last, however, on the repeated positive assurance that he really was Prince Muishkin, and must absolutely see the general on business, the bewildered domestic showed him into a little ante-chamber leading to a waiting-room that adjoined the general's study, there handing him over to another servant, whose duty it was to be in this ante-chamber all the morning, and announce visitors to the general.
I do not ask you what your business may be, all I have to do is to announce you; and unless the secretary comes in here I cannot do that.
no, I'm not afraid of that, you see; I have to announce you, that's all.
At the bottom of the corridor which leads aloft from the lower chambers I whistled in accordance with the prearranged signal which was to announce to Perry and Ghak that I had been successful.
Ozma's High Chamberlain now hurried forward to announce the names of the new arrivals, calling out in a loud voice:
But the Cock expostulated in piteous tones from his perch: "If you kill me, who will announce to you the appearance of the dawn?
Daily He announces more distinctly,--'Surely I come quickly