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n a communication, usually printed, that states office policies or practice limitations to the public and profession.
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no, I'm not afraid of that, you see; I have to announce you, that's all.
All you have to do is to announce me as Prince Muishkin, and the object of my visit will be plain enough.
In either case, how was he to announce this singular visitor?
I can't announce a visitor like yourself without the secretary.
When they announce the sentence, you know, and prepare the criminal and tie his hands, and cart him off to the scaffold--that's the fearful part of the business.
Sir," said Chatillon, "if you bring bad tidings it will be cruel in you to announce them to the queen.
Pakistan's Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, addressed a ballroom full of politicians, diplomats, tourism officials and press, including Travel Agent, on Thursday in New York City to announce Visit Pakistan Year 2007, a multi-country tourism marketing campaign.
Prior to trial, the defendant filed a motion to suppress the evidence seized during the search, arguing that the police had violated her Fourth Amendment rights by failing to knock and announce prior to entering her home.
Credit Suisse is pleased to announce a series of strategic growth initiatives in alliances with premier industry partners that will enable the Bank to grow its world-leading Alternative Investments franchise.
Both HomeCell and AnnounceIt are powerful, innovative tools that required us to partner with a company that had solid carrier connectivity and a proven track record of quick time to market," said Jeff Mould, President of Announce Mobile.
Citel Technologies, VoIP Migration Company(TM) plans to announce an alliance designed to enhance the interoperability of its Handset Gateway product line
3e Technologies will announce the 525A-3, to be used for a variety of security measures.