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In the case of Anno Domini 2000, the future temporality functions positively to allow the unification of colonial and imperial identity in a future society.
II Sinodo de 1908, Synodus dioecesana secunda Novae Carthaginis in America meridionali a reverendissimo archiepiscopo Petro Adamo Brioschi anno Domini MCMVIII celebrata, Typographia Pontificia et Archiepiscopali S.
Guided Tours: Out an' About Tours provides historical tours of Edmonton and surrounding areas with special Anno Domini packages.
Sermo factus Constanciense ipso die Trinitatis coram sacro generali concilio per magistrum Richardum Flemmyng doctorem in sacra theologia aime universitatis Oxoniensis anno Domini [m.
I would be very surprised if any other faith had complained about the use of Anno Domini and Before Christ.
At 36, Paul Ince appears to view relegation as a personal insult and as long as he and Alex Rae can continue defying anno domini in midfield, the chances will be created and Wolves could just stay up.
Anno Domini -- a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation that introduces Anno Domini: Jesus Through the Centuries at the Provincial Museum of Alberta (Edmonton) exhibit.
There has been some critical research on the few better known New Zealand early utopian titles, notably Samuel Butler's Erewhon (1872); Julius Vogel's Anno Domini 2000 (1889); John Macmillan Brown's Riallaro (1901); and A.
SCOTS jockey Richard Quinn made the journey to Pontefract pay off when he landed a double via Anno Domini and Positive.
Big Buck's is just as good a staying hurdler as those famous names but he is also just as vulnerable to anno domini.
Reader Austin Holroyd says that high on the building was the inscription "This house and prison erected Anno Domini 1831 at an expense of pounds .
Christian music (from Gregorian chant to modern pop), live performances, and a lecture are also part of the Anno Domini experience.