A family of at least 13 Ca2+-dependent phospholipid-binding proteins that may act as mediators of intracellular calcium signals.
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Like other Annexins, Anxa2 protein of sika deer had the typical structure of Annexin, containing a highly conserved C-terminal core domain and a relative flexible N-terminal domain [11].
Previously it was considered that annexins have only been implicated in the last stage of apoptosis, but our data show that ANXA5 has a functional role in the earlier stages of apoptosis when caspases are activated, and this process is significantly enhanced in the presence of [BK.sub.Ca][alpha].
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An immune response manifested by the common occurrence of annexins I and II autoantibodies and high circulating levels of IL-6 in lung cancer.
The contributions of the 9 most abundant proteins were: albumin, 26%; surfactant proteins, 13% (including SP-A, 12%); various immunoglobulins, 14%; serotransferrin, 4%; Clara cell protein (CC16), 4%; lysozyme C, 2%; proteases and inhibitors, 4% (including [[alpha].sub.1]-antitrypsin, 2%); annexins, 1%; and complement factors, 1%.
Existing Landes journals include "Annexins," "Cancer Biology & Therapy," "Cell Cycle," "Organogenesis" and "RNA Biology." The company has plans to launch as many as 17 additional journals through the end of 2007, including such titles as "NanoMedicine," "Molecular Motors," "Tissue Regeneration" and "Digital Signalling & Processing in Medicine ' & Biology."
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Cellular processes : Annexins are the family of calcium-dependent phospholipid binding proteins.
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