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Common name for members of the phylum Annelida.
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Carbonic anhydrase genes were seen as logical candidates for providing the molecular basis for biomineralization in annelids, because the enzyme readily hydrolyzes carbon dioxide to form bicarbonate--a precursor of calcium carbonate (CaC[O.sub.3]) precipitation.
Prey: (1= annelids and Molluscs; 2= arachnids and myriapods; 3= hexapods; 4= fishes; 5= amphibians (Anurans and Caecilians); 6= reptiles (Lizards and snakes); 7= Birds (adults, nestlings and eggs); 8= Mammals (rodents, bats & large mammals).
This worm formed a monophyletic clade with other Protodrilus annelids in ML, supported by a bootstrap value of 100%, and was the closest species to Protodrilus ciliatus, supported by a bootstrap value of 100.
The taxonomic location of the phylum Onychophora, also know as "velvet worms", has been controversial because of its phenotypic and genotypic characteristics that are related to both annelids and arthropods, making it difficult to locate this phylum within the zoological scale (Hickman et al.
The mushroom bodies--prominent brain centres of arthropods and annelids with enigmatic evolutionary origin.
Benthic polychaetous annelids from deep water off western Mexico and adjacent areas in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Trochophore larvae of serpulid annelids sometimes arrest beat of the metatroch while the prototroch beats (Strathmann et al., 1972; Lacalli, 1981, 1984).
Aphroditids are carnivorous opportunistic predators, specialized in slow or sessile preys (Fauchald & Jumars, 1979), feeding on a wide variety of prey, like other annelids, small crustaceans, mollusks and diatoms (Pettibone, 1953).
Nematodes and Annelids are important alternatives for fish feeding with their low production costs and nutritional qualities.