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When bones of a joint are fused, stiff, or rigid.


caused by or emanating from fixation of the joint.

ankylosing spondylitis
ankylosing spondylosis

Patient discussion about ankylosing

Q. Is ankylosing spondylitis genetically inherited?

A. It is known today that ankylosing spondylitis (spondyloarthritis) has a very strong genetic connection. It is not a disease inhertited by a single gene that is dominant, but certainly there is genetic predisposition in families (and a more detailed information- about 90% of the patients express the HLA-B27 genotype).

Q. I have had ankylosing spondilitis for over 25 years. What is available at this point to mitigate the effects?

A. The mainstay of the treatment severe ankylosing spondylitis today are "anti-TNF", drugs that affect the immune system through blocking the action of a protein called TNF.

Other optional treatments include sulfasalazine and thalidomide.
Of course, all these treatments require prescription and consultation with a doctor (in this case usually rheumatologist).

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