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affected with ankylosis.
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Stiffened; bound by adhesions; denoting a joint in a state of ankylosis; fused.
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Stiffened; bound by adhesions; denoting a joint in a state of ankylosis.
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Q. Is ankylosing spondylitis genetically inherited?

A. It is known today that ankylosing spondylitis (spondyloarthritis) has a very strong genetic connection. It is not a disease inhertited by a single gene that is dominant, but certainly there is genetic predisposition in families (and a more detailed information- about 90% of the patients express the HLA-B27 genotype).

Q. I have had ankylosing spondilitis for over 25 years. What is available at this point to mitigate the effects?

A. The mainstay of the treatment severe ankylosing spondylitis today are "anti-TNF", drugs that affect the immune system through blocking the action of a protein called TNF.

Other optional treatments include sulfasalazine and thalidomide.
Of course, all these treatments require prescription and consultation with a doctor (in this case usually rheumatologist).

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Currently, his spine is fully ankylosed but there is some movement at the atlanto-axial and atlanto-occipital joint, more so at the former.
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