ankle-foot orthotic

an·kle-foot or·tho·tic

(AFO) (ang'kĕl-fut ōr-thot'ik)
A device that encompasses the ankle and foot to provide ankle stability and assist knee extension control during ambulation.
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An ankle-foot orthotic was also prescribed and used to inhibit pathological motion.
Ankle-foot orthotic is the most common treatment, and may provide dorsiflexion assistance.
Brance says his life was renewed when he first tried the company's carbon composite ankle-foot orthotic known as the ToeOFF.
For a couple of years, he'd gone through several versions of plastic, hinged ankle-foot orthotics he called "clackers" because of the sound they made when he walked.
dorsiflexor or plantar flexor) at the ankle joint could be significant in how patients are rehabilitated with ankle-foot orthotic systems.
The Rizzoli-Vannini Rehabilitative System, which consists of unique sets of exercises and methods of therapy together with a patented, custommade ankle-foot orthotic brace encased in leather (the "Bologna Boot"), has been in use since 1985.
Orthotic design through 3D reconstruction: A passive-assistance ankle-foot orthotic.
There are a variety of reasons to use ankle-foot orthotics in children with special needs, and a growing number of options from which to choose.
Her steps would be on her tip toes if she did not have her ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs, braces for the foot) on and if I wasn't supporting her under her arms.