ankle-foot orthosis

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ankle-foot orthosis

an orthosis beginning at the toes, crossing the ankle, and terminating on the calf.

ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)

any of a variety of protective external devices that can be applied to the ankle area to prevent injury in a high-risk athletic activity, to protect a previous injury such as a sprain, or to assist patients with chronic joint instability with walking. An AFO is often used by patients unable to dorsiflex the ankle during gait. It may be used to maintain anatomical position in a person that has a footdrop.
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ankle-foot orthosis

Abbreviation: AFO
Any of a class of external orthopedic appliances, braces, or splints devised to control, limit, or assist foot and ankle motion and provide leg support. Typically, orthotics are made of lightweight materials such as thermoplastics. See: illustration

Patient care

A variety of ankle-foot orthoses are used. In the treatment of Achilles' tendon rupture, e.g., the orthosis holds the foot at a right angle to the horizontal plane of the body, in plantar flexion.

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