ankle region

an·kle re·gion

the area of the lower limb between the leg (crus) and the foot (pes).
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About the pedCAT system The pedCAT system provides true weight-bearing, 3D CT imaging of the foot & ankle region.
DESIGN -This non-metallic safety toe footwear is designed for uniform personnel who need quick side zipper donning with support to the foot and ankle region.
High heels make the leg more attractive because the elevation of the heel enhances the convexity of the upper calf muscles, while making the ankle region appear even thinner, more fragile and feminine," Mark Soldin, consultant plastic surgeon at St George's and Kingston hospitals and spokesman for the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, said.
The results showed that the number of flies collected below the ankle region was significantly higher than the number collected on other exposed parts (p <0.
neavei have been reported to be occurring in the ankle region, therefore, producing higher density of nodules and microfilariae in the lower part of the body while in central America, S.
Tensile and compressive stresses around the ankle region of thermoplastic AFOs were subsequently quantified [6].
Most ulcers present in the ankle region for a long time are caused by venous insufficiency, or leg veins with broken valves that allow blood to reflux back into the leg," explains Dr.
The patient received physiotherapy to correct paresis and reduced sensation in the left foot and ankle region.
The ORTHOLOC[TM] system consists of three instrument and plating trays, each designed to help the surgeon stabilize and fixate bone injuries of either the forefoot, calcaneus, or ankle region.
SmoothToe[R] Energizing Socks are designed with graduated compression in the lower leg, placing the greatest amount of compression in the ankle region (20 mm Hg), and gradually decreasing up the calf to below the knee (15mm Hg), which can stimulate blood flow and help to reduce swelling.