Common name for nematodes of the family Anisakidae.
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Bobbi Pritt, director of the Clinical Parasitology Laboratory in the Mayo Clinics Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, said the worm is "almost certainly" an anisakid - a parasitic roundworm that feeds on fish and marine mammals and, when ingested alive by humans, can cause disease.
The risk of infection with anisakid larvae, mainly Anisakis spp., by eating sushi and sashimi is higher in countries where regulations on preventive treatment have not been implemented.
The present study aimed to report the presence of larval stages of anisakid nematodes in Plagioscion squamosissimus from Xingu River, near the municipality of Altamira, and Pellona castelnaeana from Mosqueiro Island, in the municipality of Belem, both in the State of Para, Brazil, and to determine their parasitism indices and infection sites.
"I eat raw fish regularly and the only thing I really worry about is anisakiasis from anisakid roundworms," said Blanar.
In natural cycles, anisakid larvae are transmitted to marine mammals or piscivorous birds when they eat raw saltwater fish or squid.
The Anisakid nematodes are commonly known as codworm or sealworm.
Phenotypic tradeoffs between egg number and egg size in three parasitic anisakid nematodes.
Molecular systematic, phylogeny and ecology of anisakid nematodes of the genus Anisakis Dujardin, 1845: Un update.
Raw Pacific salmon and red snapper (Pacific rockfish) have been specifically linked to anisakiasis, a parasite infection from anisakid worms.