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How then is it based on legitimate national security concerns and not animus towards Muslims?
Religious animus has rarely been so publicly observed: As a presidential candidate, Trump called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States".
In its opinion, the Court wrote that the plaintiffs allege that the primary purpose of the Proclamation was "religious animus and that the President's stated concerns about vetting protocols and national security were but pretexts for discriminating against Muslims".
I've heard Ubisoft would like to use the Animus version from the movie for their next game so it's very exciting.
In his school of analytical psychology, the anima and animus are the two basic anthropomorphic archetypes.
While the 1935 Constitution did not mention the citizenship of foundlings, Hilbay said it does not indicate any discriminatory animus against them.
Windsor; (16) (2) LGBT people can invoke animus, or, as
The society's animus amicus has gained attention for its exposing of these trends in U.S.
Animus boasts partners including former Scotland Yard detective Keith Hunter, whose London office was visited by ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko shortly before he died of polonium poisoning in 2006.
In Jungian terms, Ego evolves towards spirituality only if the inside Anima or Animus is evolving in the same direction.
Given growing acceptance of gay people qua individuals, the second task will be to articulate an argument against SSM that does not rely on anti-gay animus. The dissociation of concepts is a crucial tool for meeting these challenges.