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the exhibition nevertheless plots out a compelling journey, evoking by turn the hieratic nature of the tribal statuary of the animist peoples and the complexity of the embroidered ikats--very similar to those of Borneo--from the southerly island, Mindanao, before ending in style with a look at the spread of Islam in the port cities of the south and among the sultanates.
Consequently one may ask whether this implies an Indigenous animist view or is it simply an impressionistic and metaphorically rich account seeking to create a certain aura.
The idea of becoming a social being by taking on the vitality of an animal or of some elemental force may seem peculiar to the Western mind, but it makes complete sense from an animist perspective that, according to Graham Harvey, views the world as comprised "of persons, only some of whom are human" (Harvey xi).
First, the majority of the inhabitants of the south are animists (65 percent) followed by Muslim (percent) and then Christians (17 percent) - even according to statistics published by the World Council of Churches in 1981.
But what if we approached our creative close encounters through the lens of an animist or aboriginal understanding of the land?
Fierce competition for control of fertile farmlands between Christian and animist indigenous groups and Muslim settlers from the north have repeatedly triggered unrest in the region over the past decade.
Nigeria has roughly equal numbers of Christians and Muslims, though traditional animist beliefs underpin many people's faith.
The latest bloodshed has rattled the 2005 peace deal that ended the civil war between the mainly Christian and animist South, and the Muslim North, a conflict that left 1.
The Dayak's traditional local animist religions are explored.
This is most evident in the insistence on treating the scriptures as the centre of faith rather than the living Lord Jesus Christ (book as authority rather than the uniquely Christian revelation of God), and on the inability to articulate Christian moral positions that may be distinctly different from the taboos of Islamic and animist culture.
In early 2005 it emerged from a 21-year civil war between the Arab and mainly Muslim north and the African Animist and Christian south, which has cost the lives of more than 2m people and displaced nearly 6m others.
The History of Animist Theory: Moderns Making Sense, and Non-sense, of the Pre-modern