animal soap

an·i·mal soap

soap made with sodium hydroxide and a purified animal fat consisting chiefly of stearin; used in pharmacy in the preparation of certain liniments.
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sapo animalis

An obsolete term for soap produced from animal fats.
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ADULTERY, murder and infanticide are just some of the ingredients in the annual animal soap opera that is Springwatch, which returns to BBC2.
The annual animal soap opera that is Springwatch is coming back to BBC Two and, as any fan will know, that means high drama and more than a little patience.
Springwatch, the annual animal soap opera, is returning to BBC2 next week.
Birks eulogized Walking with Dinosaurs as "incredibly innovative at the time, and of Planet Earth she asked, "with its incredible photography and David Attenborough as narrator--what's not to like?" She also praised Discovery's Meerkat Manor as "the first animal soap opera."
In the animal soap opera more commonly recorded in scientific literature, a male gets violent if a female visits other males, observes Ethan Prosen of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.
Big cat stalks slightly smaller cat in the return of Big Cat Diary (5.15pm, BBC2) as Simon King resumes the reaife animal soap set amid the wilds of the Masai Mara in Kenya.
The magnificent Diary is a sort of animal soap following lion, leopard and cheetahs around Kenya's Masai Mara - where, refreshingly, it rained like December in Dungeness.
* Circus Safari soaps packaged in an animal crackers-type box, with windows revealing three skin-softening animal soaps.