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When the investigators looked at specific animal proteins, they found that higher than average consumption of meat or fish was associated with a significantly increased risk of IBD but the high consumption of dairy products or eggs was not, Dr.
In Australia, any advice to partially substitute carbohydrate-rich foods for higher-protein low-fat foods is likely to result in increases in animal protein intake.
The developing world, in particular, is growing increasingly dependent on the ocean for animal protein.
In exploring possible links between osteoporosis and what we eat, some researchers have developed a hypothesis and a model that point to sulfur-containing animal proteins, as a culprit in the bone disease.
The risk of hip fractures in women eating the highest proportion of animal protein was 3.
Most people in Western countries get more protein than they need and animal protein is not necessary to meet needs," says Jack Norris, RD, a plant-based nutrition expert and co-author of Vegan for Life.
He said the prices of poultry should be brought down through relief in taxes to enable poor to get full benefit of the cheapest source of animal protein.
Lean muscle mass was highest among study participants who ate the most total protein and the most animal protein, while participants who ate the most plant protein (such as beans and nuts) had more strength in their thigh muscles than those who ate the least plant protein.
Female children of the women eating the highest amount of animal protein during pregnancy had a 3 times greater risk of being overweight at age 20 than did female children of women eating the least amount of animal protein during pregnancy.
showed that high animal protein consumption increased calcium in the urine and the risk of calcium stone formation; the Lancet in 1976 (Cunningham AS) showed that countries with more animal protein consumption among their populations showed more cases of lymphoma.
A whole, named animal protein in one of the first two positions on the ingredients list.

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