animal magnetism

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an·i·mal mag·ne·tism

a putative psychic force akin to the property of mutual attraction or repulsion possessed by metal magnets and formerly believed to be the principal factor in hypnosis, which thus was called animal magnetism. See: hypnosis, mesmerism.
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A method of hypnosis that allegedly placed patients in a trance-like state deep enough to allow major surgery without pain, or awareness of the operation, named for Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who developed it
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In Australia I believe that they call it animal magnetism'
In a similar vein, animal magnetism could be defined as 'sickness', though Jurgen Barkhoff recognizes the ambivalence of this hypnotic phenomenon; he wishes Mesmerism to be taken seriously, not only as an antecedent to psychoanalysis but specifically as a point of reference for Romantic fiction, although questioning its role in today's New-Age novel (Sloterdijk's Zauberbaum).
His animal magnetism paired beautifully with the sensitive and moving Desdemona of American dancer Daniel Chait.
Well, to be more accurate, it's more likely to be passionate urges that have little to do with rose petals and champagne and everything to do with animal magnetism - like they do on the Discovery Channel.
These actions (or inactions) alone exude an animal magnetism that, so far in the series, have caused one woman to put her marriage at risk, all the debutantes at the ball to throw themselves at him and Demelza, the grimy urchin rescued from the gutter to become his greasy kitchen-maid, to scrub herself endlessly under the farmyard pump (calling for signifi-cant bodily contortions) and spy on him from the cliff-top when he goes skinny-dipping.
You radiate animal magnetism and attract adventurous people into your orbit.
ANIMAL MAGNETISM: Lily Stenton (above), aged seven, of Styvechale on Hercules the donkey and (inset) Charlie beaty, aged 15, aboard Dusty the donkey, wins a race ahead of Deevika Buxton, aged 14, who is riding Dave the donkey
Yes, it's time to all rise, please, for Sir Tom, who's been a global singing sex-god for almost 50 years; a showman who, despite recently turning 70, still has the animal magnetism to make women of most (if not all) ages go weak at the knees.
So powerful is my animal magnetism it has translated to the page.
Jemima Going all girlie in Barbados with a halterneck Pictures: BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM/ XPOSURE/ MATRIX/ GOFFPHOTOS.COM/ SPLASH; Cindy Showing her animal magnetism in Mexico; ON THE HIGH ST Bring out the animal in you at H&M for just pounds 6.99 a piece; J-Lo In zebra print in Puerto Rico; ON THE HIGH ST Brown top and shorts just pounds 3 each from giant Primark; ON THE HIGH ST Melissa's line at Debenhams is a snip at pounds 20 (top) and pounds 16 (bottom); Designer...
FATTIES: Paul Butlin' ANIMAL MAGNETISM: Alex 'The Bull' Ibbs and friend
But where was the seductive, oily charm of such an inveterate womanizer--the kind of brazen animal magnetism that would have made him a much more charismatic villain, the kind an audience loves to hate?