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(ăn′īl′, ā′nīl′)
1. Of or like an old woman.
2. Senile.
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Sui rapporti tra Toto, il futurismo e le avanguardie vedi Anile (Il cinema: 18-25).
When we neglect the contribution of [[gamma].sub.i] and [[GAMMA].sub.<jk>], we can recover easily (14) and (15) established by Anile and Muscato [22], with a slight suitable difference concerning the definitions of Q, [[gamma].sub.ij], [[gamma].sub.ijk] and [[gamma].sub.ijrr] In our opinion, the main difference is related to the use of different microscopic definitions of the heat flow and a vanishing expression of ([[GAMMA].sub.<11>] : [LAMBDA])/[beta] We will study later in this paper a nonvanishing expression of ([[GAMMA].sub.<11>] : [LAMBDA])/[beta] which will give us a solution to overcome the slight differences among our expressions and those established by Anile and Muscato [22].
may feast our eyes on the swarthy Champion of Swat, shouting now and then in an excess of anile idolatry, 'Come on, you Babe.
Quo tinctus undis baptismi piacularibus, anile commentum est; eum tunc, abiectis bufonibus, lilia pro symbolo usurpasse, quae neque memorant antiqui scriptores neque ulla Regis monumenta subministrant," 177.
At the heart of the social work endeavor is the formation of a therapeutic alliance and, as we have argued elsewhere, social workers often are sought to provide assessments in difficult situations, such as court-mandated evaluations, because of their ability to join with an individual or family to develop a more authentic understanding of their situations and attitudes (Regehr & Anile, 1997).
Citing the work of sociologist Anile Russell Hochschild on the "Taylorization" of first-world home life under globalization, she suggests that today's professional women are so overworked that they barely have time to talk to their husbands or children, much less the housekeeper.
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ANIL, Perth, Australia (or Anile, 'peareth sterile?)
"By drawing on the successful business experience of both ITMA member companies and the YHFP, we expect to attract the future talent of our home furnishings industry to this valuable internship program," said Dominick Anile, chairman of the ITMA internships committee and vice president of sales and marketing at Culp.
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