Rarely used term for deficiency of niacinamide that may be associated with pellagra.
[G. a- priv. + niacinamide + -osis, condition]
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There are many more changes detailed in that book." Chapter 3 of this book is titled "The Arthritis of Aniacinamidosis." In it, he describes improvements in arthritic pain and mobility experienced by these patients using relatively small doses of niacinamide.
The Common Form of Niacin Amide Deficiency Disease: Aniacinamidosis. Bridgeport (CT): Yale University Press, 1943.
In his 1943 book The Common Form of Niacin Amide Deficiency Disease: Aniacinamidosis, Kaufman listed symptoms of niacinamide deficiency: memory impairment, distractibility, poor concentration, slowed thought processes, poor comprehension, unwarranted anxiety, and personality changes (e.g., inability to cooperate, evasiveness, irritability, intolerance).