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 [ang´gu-lus] (pl. an´guli) (L.)
angle; used in names of anatomic structures or landmarks.
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Edward Hartley, U.S. orthodontist, 1855-1930. See: Angle classification of malocclusion.

an·gle (θ),

(ang'gl), [TA]
The meeting point of two lines or planes; the figure formed by the junction of two lines or planes; the space bounded on two sides by converging lines or planes. For angles not listed below, see the descriptive term; for example, axioincisal, distobuccal, labiogingival, linguogingival (2), mesiogingival, and proximobuccal.
Synonym(s): angulus [TA]
[L. angulus]
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incisura angularis

An abrupt indentation of the gastric wall along the lesser curvature, located between the proximal 2/3 and distal 1/3, marking the imaginary junction between the antrum and body.
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(ang'gĕl) [TA]
The figure formed by the junction of two lines or planes; the space bounded on two sides by lines or planes that meet. For specific angles, see the descriptive term, e.g., axioincisal, distobuccal, labiogingival, linguogingival (2), mesiogingival, proximobuccal.
Synonym(s): angulus [TA] .
[L. angulus]
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And also, the masseteric region was nontender and normal in tone, and the temporomandibular joints and mandibular angulus region were not painful on palpation.
1 = Cranial angle (Angulus cranialis), 2 = Caudal Angle (Angulus caudalis), 3 = Processus suprahamatus, 4 = Processus hamatus, 5 = Ventral angle (Angulus ventralis), 6 = Margo dorsalis, 7 = Infraspinous fossa (Fossa Infraspinata), 8 = Supraspinous fossa (Fossa supraspinata), 9 = Muscular ridge, 10 = Glenoid notch, 11 = Spina scapulae (Scapular spine).
Case Gender Age Symptom for EGD Location Gross shape * 1 F 40 Dyspepsia High body II 2 M 36 Epigastric pain Antrum I 3 F 30 Epigastric pain Antrum II 4 F 20 Dyspepsia Antrum I 5 M 43 Epigastric pain Middle body I 6 M 30 Epigastric pain Antrum II 7 F 77 Dyspepsia Angulus I 8 M 39 Dyspepsia Middle body II 9 F 28 Epigastric pain Lower body I 10 F 31 Dyspepsia Antrum II 11 F 51 Epigastric pain Antrum II 12 F 42 Dyspepsia Antrum II 13 M 64 Dyspepsia Antrum II Case Dimpling Method of pathological Pathological confirmation type ([dagger]) 1 Yes Biopsy II 2 No Biopsy II 3 No Biopsy I 4 Yes Biopsy II 5 Yes Biopsy II 6 No Laparotomy II 7 No Laparotomy I 8 Yes Laparotomy I 9 Yes Laparoscopy I 10 No ESD I 11 Yes ESD II 12 Yes ESD II 13 No ESD II * By Yamada classification [8].
Segment Bony Landmark Abbrev T8 spinous process T8 Thorax Xiphoid process of the sternum PX C7 Spinous process C7 Incisura Jugularis of the sternum IJ Angulus acromialis AA Scapula Trigonum Spinae Scapulae TS Angulus Inferior Scapulae AI Epicondylus medialis EM Humerus Epicondylus lateralis EL Glenohumeral rotation centre * GH Abbrev: Abbreviations.
An incision of 7 - 8 cm on the same side as the lesion was made between the lower end of the angulus mandibula and 1/3 medial part of the clavicle, parallel to front border of sternokleidomastoid muscle for surgical approach.
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A panoramic x-ray examination revealed multilocular radiolucency in the ramus ascendens and the angulus mandibula on the right (figure 1).