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In non-operative treatment, it has been noticed that problems such as angulation, malrotation and limb length discrepancy cannot be effectively controlled.
However, it should be noted that the mesio-distal radiographs herein were exposed with a 90-degree angulation relative to the bucco-oral projection, which may not be considered clinically relevant (in contrast to the smaller angulation chosen in the present study).
The association between angulation, ramus relation and depth of impaction with age and gender were tested by using Chi Square test.
The following data were taken from the patients' histories: gender, patient's age, BMI, preoperative contracture, angulation of the knee joint (varus or valgus), preoperative condition of ACL (intact or ruptured) and medications used by the patients.
It needs a cautious approach for anatomical reduction, especially related to anterior angulation on hip lateral image.
Medical device company Lombard Medical (NasdaqGM:EVAR) said on Wednesday that an 89-year-old male with a 64mm aneurysm and challenging 75 degree aortic neck angulation was treated with its Aorfix Endovascular Stent Graft in Girona, Spain under its ARCHYTAS global registry programme.
For standardization, only the right ear was used to measure the dimensions, visibility, and angulation because, according to Barut and Aktunc [11], dimensions difFer between the right and left ears.
The Verte-Span device consists of a cylindrical cage available in different sizes combined with spiked endplates with variable degrees of angulation (Figure 2).
Although the construct used in this experiment to compare the two deep digital flexor tenotomy techniques has provided valuable estimations regarding the quantitative differences of distal joint angulations between both techniques, the study is not exempt from limitations.
Group A had those mandibular third molars which were fully erupted into functional position whereas Group B comprised those mandibular third molars which were below the occlusal plane/erupted up to the occlusal plane but not fully functional because of their aberrant angulations.
Post operative x-rays were evaluated for length of radius and angulation, palmar tilt and articular congruity.
The use of water to aid colonoscope insertion avoids colon elongation, minimizes angulations.