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Therefore, higher CAA value indicates a higher degree of angularity. Actually, the coarse aggregate should have a well-proportioned used in mixture.
In general, phenotypic correlations were close to zero, except for angularity (0.25), height and rear udder width and udder texture (> 0.15).
Provenance: The angularity of silisiclastic grains within Mutukaraka, Punakitere and Awapoko sandstone indicate a relative close source land from where the sediments underwent little transport to their site of deposition (Plates 2 to 6).
The steel slag fractions of 0/5 and 2/5 in this mixture were replaced with dolomite filler and crushed quartz sand, because of the strength and angularity the fine steel slag fractions which can cause excessive wear of the asphalt production and paving equipment.
Audiences hardly knew what to make of the harsh angularity of the Cotsworld Symphony (1899) and the astrological mysticism of The Planets (1914-1915).
The topics include cartography and remote sensing for analyzing coastal erosion, controlling salt water intrusion due to sea level rise in the coastal zone of Bangladesh, the relation between natural cleansing effect and angularity of coastal gravel, and hydrodynamic forces acting on an oscillating structure.
"Curves or ovals will diffuse the angularity of your jaw and forehead and add femininity," Norman advises.
This helps break up the angularity of the extra-long starboard recliner couch that stretches from the helm to the bow.
In a few days of micro-oxygenation, green tannin is transformed entirely to tanin dur ("hard" tannin that sits entirely on the top of the tongue and moves back to create an angularity in the finish).
That building, with its sharp angularity and its boldly cantilevered balconies, bespeaks a residual brutalist aesthetic that would not reappear in his work.
Here, it was easy to detect how Berg would later produce the angularity of his opera Lulu, or the intensity of the tragedy Wozzeck.
Despite comparable qualities of heft, roughness and angularity, the larger vessels distinguish themselves from Rowans non-functional work by isolating and accentuating characteristics that are unique to bowls, vases, or other vessels.