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Exactitude of reproduction of angular movement waveforms is influenced a ratio of sizes of the lever R/L and the location of motionless guide 2 in a cross-section direction concerning the vertical plane which is passing through longitudinal FE-axis.
Given the specified shortcomings of pneumatic and hydraulic drives, the design of the advanced base simulator can be modified to a construction using operated electromechanical axes (by FESTO corporation), both for creation of loading, and for providing of angular movements with the purpose of unification of type of a drive and increase of its durability.
EndoLab has then modified the simulator design to test spinal disc implants where the actuation of angular movements is carried out by hydraulic cylinders.
The objects moved rapidly in sharp, angular movements and displayed red, green and blue lights.
There, the statues, posed in heroic Greek poses, come alive with the jerky, angular movements of the zombies in Michael Jackson's famous "Thriller" video.
The angular movements and the precision dancing left an impact on her.
The vestibular system of each inner ear (semicircular canals, utricle and saccule) controls rotatory movements and orientation in, to and fro, up and down, and angular movements.
In the angular movements, the witty asides and the intricate balances there is plenty of skill but rarely any real sense of emotional depth.
On opening night, the Kansas City Ballet dancers captured, for the most part, Agon's concise, calculated rhythms and angular movements.
ST's MEMS microactuator is based on an electrostatic actuation approach where voltages applied to a stator and rotor cause angular movements of the rotor.
A duet for Fiona Lummis and Jean Emile is fiercer, its angular movements sharp as a beak.
Unaware of the magic, a group of comic craftsmen intrude with clumsily angular movements and simple melodies played on a barrel organ.