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 (Å) [ang´strom]
a unit of length used for atomic dimensions and light wavelengths; it is nominally equivalent to 10−10 meter.
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Symbol for angstrom.


Anders J., Swedish physicist, 1814-1874. See: angstrom, Ǻngström law, angstrom unit, Ǻngström scale.

ang·strom (Ǻ),

A unit of wavelength, 10-10 m, roughly the diameter of an atom; equivalent to 0.1 nm.
[A.J. Ǻngström]
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A non-SI (International System) unit of length equal to 10-8 cm, or 10-10 m, which was formerly used to measure molecules.
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Abbreviation for angstrom;Ångström unit.


(Å) (eng'strŏm)
A unit of wavelength, 10-10 m, roughly the diameter of an atom; equivalent to 0.1 nm.
[A.J. Ångström]
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angstrom or angstrom unit (Å or A)

a measurement of length, equal to one ten thousandth of a MICRON. Nowadays, objects of such size are measured in nanometres (10-9m), where 1Å = 0.1 nm.
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Anders J., Swedish physicist, 1814-1874.
ångström - a unit of wavelength, 10-10 m, roughly the diameter of an atom; equivalent to 0.1 nm. Synonym(s): Ångström unit
Ångström law - a substance absorbs light of the same wavelength as it emits when luminous.
Ångström scale - a table of wavelengths of a large number of light rays corresponding to as many Fraunhofer lines in the spectrum.
Ångström unit - Synonym(s): ångström
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Abbreviation for Ångström.


(Å) (angstrŏm)
A unit of wavelength, 10-10 m, equivalent to 0.1 nm.
[Anders J. Ångström, Swedish physicist]
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The Titan 80-300 scanning/transmission electron microscope S(TEM), dedicated to corrected microscopy, yields atomic-scale imaging with resolution below 0.7 Angstrom. A dedicated and highly-upgradeable aberration-corrected system, the microscope enables corrector and monochromator technology to enter into mainstream nanotechnology research and industrial markets.
Using the scanning transmission electron microscope at NCEM, and imaging techniques such as high-angle annular dark-field, the group was able to obtain angstrom (single-atom) to sub-angstrom scale resolution of the nano-sized intragranular films of rare earth elements.
By shaking the cantilever with a piezoelectric crystal, which changes shape when stimulated by electricity, the researchers found they could observe vibrations that flex the cantilever's end about 0.6 angstrom. That's less than the diameter of an atom and corresponds to the record-breaking value of 800 zeptonewtons.--P W.