angor pectoris

Gaird·ner dis·ease

attacks of cardiac distress accompanied by apprehension.
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angor pectoris

An obsolete term referring to various aspects of coronary artery disease, including:
(1) Angina (pectoris);
(2) Silent ischaemia; 
(3) Sense of impending doom—formerly, angor animi.
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Sir William T., Scottish physician, 1824-1907.
Gairdner disease - attacks of cardiac distress accompanied by apprehension. Synonym(s): angor pectoris; angina pectoris sine dolore
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A complete checkup was done, and electrocardiogram and ultrasonic cardiogram showed normal findings; he did not really tell any histories of vomiting, profuse sweating, looking pale, feeling flustered, short of breath, dizziness, chest pain, angor pectoris, or cold in fingers and feet.
Therefore, these 11 patients with persistent, but mild angor pectoris received sustained medical treatment.