angle of reflection

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an·gle of re·flec·tion

the angle that a ray reflected from a surface makes with a line drawn perpendicular to this surface; it is equal to the angle of incidence (2).
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This is because what are perceived to be the causes for the formation of the reflected image--things such as light, reflective surface, glass, mercury, angle of reflection, etc.--are nothing but supplementary causes and agents that facilitate the appearance and manifestation of the image of the person.
Neutrons from the moderator enter the 21 m long straight m = [[theta].sub.c]/[[theta].sub.c]([.sup.nat]Ni) = 3 SM neutron guide [9], where [[theta].sub.c] is the critical angle of reflection. The inner cross section of the guide is 9.5 cm X 9.5 cm.
If the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection, is the view of Henriette's profile accurate?
The measured elevation is the angle of reflection from the ionosphere.
The light reflected from an optically smooth surface will be primarily concentrated along the specular angle (angle of incidence = angle of reflection).
Historians in the Pacific have always maintained that their islanders made their voyages by the stars, good guesswork and by studying the exact angle of reflection of sunlight passing through holes pierced in the top of a gourd, bouncing off water held within.
Optical System--Made up of in part by a lens, slit, grating and angle of reflection, the optical system's role is to take the white light generated from burning the metal sample and separate it into its component wavelengths.