angle of inclination

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an·gle of in·cli·na·tion

the angle formed by the meeting of a line drawn along the longitudinal axis of a long bone with another line passing through the long axis of its proximal portion; normally refers to the femur and humerus. See: angle of inclination of femur.
Synonym(s): neck-shaft angle

angle of inclination

(1) Inclination (or incline) of pelvis; inclinatio pelvis [NA6]; pelvic incline.
(2) Angle of inclination; the angle formed by the femoral shaft with the femoral neck.


the space or figure formed by two diverging lines, measured as the number of degrees one would have to be moved to coincide with the other.

cardiodiaphragmatic angle
that formed by the junction of the shadows of the heart and diaphragm in radiographs.
costovertebral angle
the angle formed on either side of the vertebral column between the last rib and the lumbar vertebrae.
filtration angle
the angle between the iris and cornea at the periphery of the anterior chamber of the eye, through which the aqueous humor readily permeates. Called also angle of the iris.
glenoid angle
the angle of the scapula at the glenoid cavity, or ventral end, of the bone. The cranial and caudal angles are at the dorsal border of the scapula.
angle of inclination
angle of jaw
the junction of the ventral and caudal borders of the lower jaw.
nasofrontal angle
see stop.
oral lip angle
angle of union of the oral lips. Called also commissura labiorum.
sole angle
the angle formed by the inflection of the wall of the hoof to form the bars on the sole of the horse's foot. Called also angulus soleae medialis, lateralis.
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The distance c between hinges and the angle of inclination of the panel diagonal [[theta].
The physical parameters that will be modified are the position of the cannon and its angle of inclination.
As the downward angle of inclination increases from 01(horizontal) to 451, liquid separation is enhanced because downward component of inlet velocity facilitates liquid separation and lower normal velocity reduces turbulence of liquid jet impingement on the vertical branch tube.
Schools located further south will find the solar cell will need to be orientated at a steeper angle of inclination to maximise the total energy received throughout the day.
Analysis of the DRC spectra explains the transformation of the intensity distribution of diffusion scattering in the case of the deviation of the pores in the diffraction plane, to determine the type of pores, and from the angular position of the 'shoulders' determine the mean angle of inclination of the pores in relation to the surface of the specimen (in the case of KO-pores in Fig.
The axis of the earth wobbles, altering its angle of inclination to the sun.
Vostok Six, travelling at a distance from earth between 113 and 144 miles, has the same angle of inclination to the equator - 65 degrees - as Vostok Five.
For a better insight in the natural convection in phase change heat transfer in an annulus, the effects of the eccentricity as well as the angle of inclination of eccentricity are considered to be of great importance.
Calculation of temperature dependence of the drum-cooler demonstrated good match with experimental curve, which had the same angle of inclination of temperature change dependence upon time.