angle of deviation

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an·gle of de·vi·a·tion

1. in a prism, the sum of the angles of incidence and emergence minus the apical angle of a prism;
2. in optics, angle of refraction;
3. in strabismus, angle of anomaly.
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Investigated parameters were; initiation age of RAE, consultation age, duration of deviation, refractive error, amblyopia, amblyopia treatment, anisometropia, visual acuity and angle of deviation both near (30 cm) and far (6 m).
4,15 The relationship between stereopsis and initiation age of deviation, age at first visit, angle of deviation for near and distance, amblyopia treatment, anisometropia were relieved but results were contradictory.
In conclusion, low visual acuity, higher angle of deviation at near, increased duration of deviation, presence of amblyopia and irregularity of amblyopia treatment were the prognostic factors for poor stereoacuity.
At each visit, angle of deviation, binocular function and stereopsis were assessed.
Secondary end points were the visual acuity without correction, with pinhole and with spectacle correction, the refraction under full cycloplegia, the angle of deviation both for distance and near and in case of spectacles both with and without them by Hirschberg test and prism bar cover test, the binocular function by worth four dot test.
We assessed orientation by measuring each mussel's angle of deviation from the current.
An incomitant deviation is one in which the angle of deviation varies depending on the direction of gaze and on which eye is fixating.