angiotensin receptors

an·gi·o·ten·sin re·cep·tors

(an'jē-ō-ten'sin rē-sep'tŏrz)
Cell-surface G-protein-coupled receptors that mediate the effects of angiotensin II. Two types are recognized: AT1 and AT2; the former mediates the powerful vascular smooth-muscle contraction responsible for the hypertensive response produced by angiotensin II; the latter is not sufficiently understood to be assigned any physiologic function.
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Drugs that block the angiotensin receptors, (AT1R blockers) are prescribed to millions of people to lower high blood pressure.
The other two studies examined another blood pressure drug, irbesartan, which also blocks angiotensin receptors.
The chapters provide insights gained by the genetic manipulation of angiotensin II, assessment of its transcriptional and translational regulation, work on the angiotensin receptors, the status of the specific molecular components of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system under differing conditions, and functional responses to the angiotensins.

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