Relating to angiopathy.
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Circulating microparticles (MPs) represent vesicles and cellular fragments generated in microvascular angiopathic conditions which facilitate pro-coagulant actions and contribute to thrombin generation and associated inflammatory processes.
The raised levels of glycoproteins in diabetics may also be an indicator of angiopathic complications (Konukoglu et al.
Technologists should be especially alert to fragmented forms indicating angiopathic hemolytic anemias--notably those associated with disseminated intravascular coagulation.
During diabetes, utilization of glucose by insulin independent pathways leads to the synthesis of glycoprotein which may be a predictor of angiopathic complications (Wiese et al.
GEMZAR should be withdrawn if there is any sign of micro- angiopathic haemolytic anaemia.
All patients to be enrolled in the trial have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus with ischemia-induced chronic tissue ulcers in the lower limbs (known as angiopathic or angioneuropathic diabetic foot syndrome), and are not suitable candidates for operative or interventional revascularization.