Relating to angioneuroses.
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Acute ingestion of PPD causes angioneurotic oedema of the neck and face, often requiring an emergency tracheostomy in children, and anuric or oliguric renal failure with chocolate-brown urine and rhabdomyolysis.
13-17,19) The mechanism for angioneurotic edema observed in this bird remains unexplained, although vascular permeability likely contributed to the swelling.
4) There have also been rare case reports of rheumatoid arthritis developing in patients with hereditary angioneurotic edema.
13,14,15) Half of the patients infected with HIV have different types of allergic conditions mainly in the form of allergic rhinitis, adverse drug reactions, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, and angioneurotic edema.
Serious adverse reactions include sepsis, opportunistic infections, tuberculosis, herpes zoster, lymphoma, leukaemia, solid organ tumours, angioneurotic edema, cardiomyopathies (includes heart failure), ischemic coronary artery disorders, pancytopaenia, hypercoagulation (including thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism), cerebrovascular accident, vasculitis, hepatitis/hepatopathy (includes cirrhosis), and renal impairment/nephropathy (includes nephritis).
Purpura, urticaria and angioneurotic edema of the hands and feet in a nursing baby.
8) The patients in this trial had the following diagnoses: paranoid schizophrenia (1 patient), angioneurotic edema (1 patient), cancer prevention (1 patient), depression (2 patients), recurrent duodenal ulcer (1 patient), insomnia (1 patient), and cocaine addiction (1 patient).
A biochemical abnormality in hereditary angioneurotic edema: Absence of serum inhibitor of C' 1-esterase.
Quincke's edema is an angioneurotic edema or giant hives that differs from ordinary hives in skin defeat depth.
These include forms of emphysema, epilepsy and hereditary angioneurotic oedema.