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a leiomyoma arising from vascular smooth muscle, usually a solitary, nodular, sometimes painful, tumor on the lower limb in middle-aged women; it is often more deeply situated than ordinary leiomyoma and is usually subcutaneous.
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vas·cu·lar lei·o·my·o·ma

a markedly vascular leiomyoma, apparently arising from the smooth muscle of blood vessels.
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(1) A benign smooth muscle tumour that can occur any place in the body, arising in the tunica media of vessel walls as a nodular subcutaneous nodule; more common on the lower leg of middle-aged women.
(2) A skin lesion consisting of a solitary deeply eosinophilic well-circumscribed nodule in the deep dermis of acral skin which histologically consists of spindled cells.
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Angiomyomas are benign tumors of the smooth muscles classified as a subtype of leiomyomas.
Histologically, angiomyomas are classified in three types, solid, cavernous and venous (6), depending on the appearance of the blood vessels, which may be slit-like, dilated, with smaller smooth muscle components, or more vein-like than artery-like.
Recurrence and malignant alterations of angiomyomas are extremely rare.
Histologically, three types of leiomyomas are present: epithelioid leiomyoma, solid -form leiomyoma, and vascular leiomyoma (angiomyomas or angioleiomyomas) (5, 6).
The most frequent form of leiomyoma is angiomyoma (74%), which is followed by solid leiomyomas (25%).
ALMs (also known as vascular leiomyomas or angiomyomas) derive from the muscle layer of dermal blood vessels.
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Vascular leiomyomas, also called angiomyomas, are uncommon, slowly growing, benign tumors that seldom recur following complete excision.
Laryngeal angiomyoma (vascular leiomyoma): Clinicopathological findings.
Recurrent angiomyoma (vascular leiomyoma) of the larynx after laser excision.
Angiomyomas are found with some frequency in the female genital tract.
Smooth-muscle neoplasms (leiomyomas and angiomyomas) of the oral mucosa are well recognized and have been described in the literature.