vascular leiomyoma

(redirected from angiomyofibroma)

vas·cu·lar lei·o·my·o·ma

a markedly vascular leiomyoma, apparently arising from the smooth muscle of blood vessels.


(1) A benign smooth muscle tumour that can occur any place in the body, arising in the tunica media of vessel walls as a nodular subcutaneous nodule; more common on the lower leg of middle-aged women.
(2) A skin lesion consisting of a solitary deeply eosinophilic well-circumscribed nodule in the deep dermis of acral skin which histologically consists of spindled cells.

vas·cu·lar lei·o·my·o·ma

(vas'kyū-lăr lī'ō-mī-ō'mă)
A benign neoplasm arising from the smooth muscle of blood vessels and characterized by marked vascularity.