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Relating to or resembling an angioma.
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Relating to or resembling an angioma.
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(an?je-o'ma ) ('ma-ta) plural.-masplural.-mata [ angio- + -oma]
A usually benign tumor consisting principally of blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma). It is considered to represent remnants of fetal tissue misplaced or undergoing disordered development. See: epithelioma; hamartoma; nevusangiomatous (-o'mat-us ), adjective

capillary angioma

A congenital, superficial hemangioma appearing as an irregularly shaped, red discoloration of otherwise normal skin, and caused by overgrowth of capillaries. Synonym: angioma simplex

angioma cavernosum

Cavernous angioma.

cavernous angioma

A congenital hemangioma appearing as an elevated dark red benign tumor, ranging in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. It may pulsate. It commonly involves the subcutaneous or submucous tissue and consists of blood-filled vascular spaces. Small cavernous angiomas may disappear without therapy. Synonym: angioma cavernosum

cherry angioma

A benign, dome-shaped cherry-red papule on the trunk, consisting of a compressible mass of blood vessels measuring about 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm, and occurring esp. in people over 30. Synonym: Campbell de Morgan spot; ruby spot; senile angioma

senile angioma

Cherry angioma.

serpiginous angioma

An angioma marked by small red vascular dots arranged in rings, caused by proliferation of capillaries.

angioma simplex

Capillary angioma.

spider angioma

A branched growth of dilated capillaries on the skin, resembling a spider. This abnormality may be associated with cirrhosis of the liver. Synonym: nevus araneus; spider nevus

stellate angioma

A skin lesion in which numerous telangiectatic vessels radiate from a central point; commonly associated with liver disease, hypertension, or pregnancy. Synonym: spider nevus

telangiectatic angioma

An angioma composed of abnormally dilated blood vessels.

angioma venosum racemosum

Swelling associated with severe varicosities of superficial veins.
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