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Relating to or resembling an angioma.


Relating to or resembling an angioma.


(an?je-o'ma ) ('ma-ta) plural.-masplural.-mata [ angio- + -oma]
A usually benign tumor consisting principally of blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma). It is considered to represent remnants of fetal tissue misplaced or undergoing disordered development. See: epithelioma; hamartoma; nevusangiomatous (-o'mat-us ), adjective

capillary angioma

A congenital, superficial hemangioma appearing as an irregularly shaped, red discoloration of otherwise normal skin, and caused by overgrowth of capillaries. Synonym: angioma simplex

angioma cavernosum

Cavernous angioma.

cavernous angioma

A congenital hemangioma appearing as an elevated dark red benign tumor, ranging in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. It may pulsate. It commonly involves the subcutaneous or submucous tissue and consists of blood-filled vascular spaces. Small cavernous angiomas may disappear without therapy. Synonym: angioma cavernosum

cherry angioma

A benign, dome-shaped cherry-red papule on the trunk, consisting of a compressible mass of blood vessels measuring about 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm, and occurring esp. in people over 30. Synonym: Campbell de Morgan spot; ruby spot; senile angioma

senile angioma

Cherry angioma.

serpiginous angioma

An angioma marked by small red vascular dots arranged in rings, caused by proliferation of capillaries.

angioma simplex

Capillary angioma.

spider angioma

A branched growth of dilated capillaries on the skin, resembling a spider. This abnormality may be associated with cirrhosis of the liver. Synonym: nevus araneus; spider nevus

stellate angioma

A skin lesion in which numerous telangiectatic vessels radiate from a central point; commonly associated with liver disease, hypertension, or pregnancy. Synonym: spider nevus

telangiectatic angioma

An angioma composed of abnormally dilated blood vessels.

angioma venosum racemosum

Swelling associated with severe varicosities of superficial veins.
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A definitive diagnosis was established after pathologic study identified the mass as an angiomatous polyp (figure 3).
The angiomatous polyp diagnosed in our case is a very rare variant of a sinochoanal polyp.
In our own review of the literature, we did not find any case report of an angiomatous polyp in an infant.
The possibility of an angiomatous polyp should be considered, especially in the setting of trauma, regardless of the patient's age.
An angiomatous nasal polyp: A very rare variant of sinochoanal nasal polyps.
Another interesting finding was the association of angiomatous changes with higher grade in one case and with optic nerve invasion in 2 others.
We have recently experienced a case of angiomatous meningioma, histologically closely mimicking CHB, which is generally considered to be one of the histological differential diagnoses of CHB.
A case of cystic form of angiomatous meningioma with prominent microvascular pattern mimicking haemangioblastoma.
Multiple foci of ectatic sinusoids were present in the lobules, and the hepatic arterial branches showed marked angiomatous dilation and tortuosity with intimal hyperplasia in the portal areas.
The mesenchymal hamartomas are more common and have been named chondroid, chondromesenchymal, angiomatous, or lipomatous, depending on the preponderant tissue.
More unusual are the endothelial angiomatous cysts that result from capillary dilatation.
CT demonstration of a giant adrenal endothelial cyst of the angiomatous subtype.