angioma serpiginosum

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a benign tumor made up of blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma). adj., adj angiom´atous.
angioma caverno´sum (cavernous angioma) cavernous hemangioma.
angioma serpigino´sum a skin disease marked by minute vascular points arranged in rings on the skin.
telangiectatic angioma an angioma made up of dilated blood vessels.

an·gi·o·ma ser·pi·gi·no·'sum

the presence of rings of red dots on the skin, especially in female children, which tend to widen peripherally, results from dilation of superficial capillaries.

an·gi·o·ma ser·pi·gi·no·sum

(an'jē-ō'mă sĕr-pij-i-nō'sŭm)
The presence of rings of red dots on the skin (especially in girls) that tend to widen peripherally, due to dilatation of superficial capillaries.
Synonym(s): essential telangiectasia (2) .