Denoting a neoplasm or other pathologic condition capable of entering the vascular bed.
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16) Due to the difficulty in distinguishing mucormycosis from other angioinvasive diseases (e.
Mucormycosis is a severe, often fatal infection caused by a group of angioinvasive molds.
Although there was less angioinvasive cases, fewer days to invasive mold infection diagnosis, fewer days to initiating antifungal therapy, and more patients receiving antifungal therapy after implementation of the protocol change, there were no changes in hospital days, ICU duration stay, operating room visits, high level amputations, or deaths.
Angioinvasive aspergilosis###1###Acute hepatic failure###1
It is known that the transition from the bronchoalveolar to the angioinvasive phase of the infection evolves in a very narrow timeframe of just several hours in neutropenic patients [8].
The morphologic features include a polymorphous lymphohistiocytic infiltrate associated with angioinvasive and angiodestructive lesions.
1) The infection may manifest with clinically and radiologically distinct patterns including saprophytic aspergillosis (aspergilloma), allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, semi-invasive aspergillosis, airway invasive aspergillosis and angioinvasive aspergillosis.
Infection with rhizopus is characterised by tissue infarction and necrosis due to angioinvasive hyphae.
Follicular and Hurthle cell carcinomas, with their angioinvasive features, are more common culprits than is papillary carcinoma.
Secondarily, particularly in the angioinvasive zygomycoses, necrotic tissues, cysts, or true abscesses should be debulked or debrided, they emphasized.
Choroidal metastasis of angioinvasive pulmonary carcinoma resulting in ischemic chorioretinophy has been described in four cats (CASSOTIS et al.