1. The arrangement and distribution of the blood vessels of any organ.
2. The vascular framework of an organ or tissue.
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Their angioarchitecture is complex and includes arterial feeders, a net of dysplastic vessels, so-called nidus and draining veins (12).
Lymphadenopathy: Differentiation of benign from malignant disease--color Doppler US assessment of intranodal angioarchitecture.
Most of the treated PAVMs in this study were simple in angioarchitecture, which does not represent the known incidence in the population.
Recent literature suggests that beyond placental angioarchitecture and transfusion unbalance, other factors such as renin-angiotensin system activation in the fetoplacental unit are involved in the pathophysiology of this condition (13).
Zhang, "Scanning electron-microscopic study of corrosion casts on retinal and choroidal angioarchitecture in man and animals," Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, vol.
Ultrasonographic criteria for distinguishing neoplastic and non-neoplastic lymph nodes have been studied under site, shape, size, echogenicity, hilum, matting, nodal border, long/short axis ratio, intra nodal necrosis and angioarchitecture.
However, some cases cannot be managed with conventional manners by virtue of AVM size, eloquent location or complex angioarchitecture.
Lymphadenopathy: differentiation of benign from malignant disease-color Doppler US assessment of intranodal angioarchitecture.
Arteriovenous fistula of the scalp secondary to punch autograft hair transplantation: angioarchitecture, histopathology, and endovascular and surgical therapy.