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Activators of Non-Genomic Estrogen-Like Signaling. A family of compounds—e.g., estren, which follows a non-genomic pathway to selectively activate the antiapoptosis pathway of estrogen receptors in mice
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We've played better baseball since July 1 but the A's were definitely in the driver's seat,'' Angels manager Mike Scioscia said.
Although his story is not told in the Bible, scripture does refer to the extra-biblical sources about the fall of angels who refused their duty of obedience with those grave words: "I will not serve.
Thomas came to the Festival with beautiful pictures of angels made by famous artists and by the children she teaches at the Tockington Manor School in Bristol.
Among them: her vivid placing of the angel conversations within the world of Rudolphine Prague (where King Stephen of Poland and Count Laski took part in the questioning of the angels, where papal representatives wrote anxiously about the impropriety of angels appearing to a married man, and where Rudolph stole Dee's skryer because of Kelly's expertise in matters alchemical); her discovery of the long-lost, if ultimately disappointing, Book of Soyga; her explanations of the "divine language," of "Adam's true names," and of "the cabala of nature," all so laboriously taught Dee by the angels, but hitherto dismissed "as a hodgepodge of unutterable sounds and a strange assortment of names and phrases" (182).
This may be why humans have found it necessary to have bridges attended by angels who bear the light: the building of pure relationality is often done in the dark and suspended over a void.
Thomas begins his question on the guardianship of good angels by considering on rational grounds whether men are in fact guarded by angels.
Three newly formed groups of angel financiers -- Salt Lake City-based Olympus Angels; Weber/Davis County-based Ogden Angel Investors; and Logan-based Cache Valley Venture Accelerator Club -- all have followed Grow Utah's lead in funding Revinetix.
Considering the Angels have a smaller capacity, you'd think the prices would be steeper.
Using personal monies and help from angels, Boone raised Round A capital of about $1 million and started his company in April 1999.
May the members of the Church know the angels better and love them more.
Seven other angels approached him, and the seven angels held a seven-pointed star made of copper.