cabbage tree

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The bark of Andira inermis, a leguminous tree of tropical America, used as an emetic, purgative, and anthelmintic.
Synonym(s): cabbage tree, worm bark
[West Indian native name]

cabbage tree

A tree from tropical America and West Africa, the bark of which has been used as a folk remedy to expel intestinal worms, as an antifungal and to kill fish in rivers. Given its toxicity, is not recommended in modern herbal medicine practice.

Toxic effects
Vomiting, fever, delirium, death.
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Eso que yo llamo olvido, de Angelin Preljocaj, y Sfumato, de Rachid Ouramdane, fueron concebidos como manifiestos politico-coreograficos, evidenciando que la danza, ademas de ser poetica y bella, puede ser un arte critico y de denuncia.
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Desde el Censo de 1927, Ruggero Bernini aparecia como poseedor de fincas de cafe; vivian en su casa (aparte la primogenita Maria) tambien los hijos Rogelio (tercer hijo), Angelin (cuarto hijo) y Juan (segundogenito).
Bastien Vives' 2011 graphic novel Polina is now a movie, co-directed by Angelin Preljocaj and his wife, filmmaker Valerie Muller.