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Angel Dust was originally used by the medical profession as an anaesthetic.
And with crack as cheap as a bag of chips, probably, we'll doubtlessly end up with a whole sub-class of eight-year-olds high on coke or angel dust, 'jacking cars and popping a cap in the vicar's ass'.
PCP, nicknamed angel dust, is being offered at upmarket west end parties in Glasgow to people growing tired of cocaine.
Precursors are used in the manufacture of cocaine, heroin, speed, LSD, angel dust, ecstasy and other synthetic drugs, although they have many legal uses too.
At Perth, Graham McCourt's Angel Dust should not be missed in the Isle of Skye Scotch Whisky Mares' Novices' Handicap Hurdle (8.
PALMDALE - Palmdale sheriff's narcotics deputies seized a quantity of the illegal drug phencyclidine - best known as PCP or angel dust - at an apartment in the 38400 block of 10th Place East.
But before we get the giggles about Yankee pooches on grass we shouldn't forget that at one stage many cows here who should have been on grass were actually on the angel dust.
Then on Saturday, Angry Chair covers Alice in Chains and Angel Dust does Faith No More.
Hippy," he says, fixing me with a beatific gaze that's moremenacing than Hannibal Lecter on angel dust, "We are here to saveyour puny soul.
OUR revelations that PCP, or angel dust, is being dealt on Scotland's streets are deeply worrying.
Searching for her own version of bliss is Michael's roommate Mona (Nina Siemaszko), a wayward child with a taste for pot laced with angel dust.
That's what it was, all right, but of a decidedly more sinister kind: According to a report on CBC radio, somebody spiked the crew's lobster chowder with PCP, the drug known as angel dust.