aneurysmal sac

an·eu·rys·mal sac

the dilated wall of an artery in a saccular aneurysm.
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Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) showed a right STA pseudoaneurysm, with a previously positioned spring coil in the aneurysmal sac [Figure 1]c.
Patient age, antero-posterior (AP) abdominal aortic diameter and longitudinal diameter (length) were quantitative variables while aneurysmal sac form, wall calcification, involvement of renal artery and peri-aortic haematoma were qualitative variables.
Arterial ligation, excision of the aneurysmal sac or arterial reconstruction (end to end or graft interposition) are the surgical treatment options.
A large aneurysmal sac triggers a strong local reaction around the aneurysm that provides high resistance to blood extravasation if AAA ruptures.
Thus the deformation transforms the curvature of the weakened portion of the blood vessel into an aneurysmal sac and hence tolerating the extension of the membrane and transverse shear curving and pressure difference.
5) Therapeutic strategies include surgical (revascularization, vessel ligature, aneurysmal sac exclusion) or endovascular interventions (coil embolization, stent placement).
Other parameters involved in the thrombosis process of the aneurysm are the age of the aneurysm, the distortion of the afferent artery by the aneurysmal sac and endothelial damage by the turbulent intrasacular flux (6,7).
Plain radiography of the skull contributes little to the diagnosis of VOGMs beyond the demonstration of a rim of calcification within the wall of the aneurysmal sac.
Even as in our case the aneurysmal sac blood content loss may be life threatening.
Prerequisites for successful EVAR * Successful stentgraft delivery and deployment * Adequate stentgraft fixation in normal arterial segments proximal and distal to an AAA (aortic and iliac 'seal' or landing zone) * Depressurisation of the aneurysmal sac with no type 1 or type 3 endoleaks * Stentgraft patency without significant twisting, kinking, migration, occlusion or graft sepsis Table II.
This involved maneuvering 13 coils of various sizes through the stent into the aneurysmal sac.