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Chromosome studies in Cyperaceae, X: Aneuploid plants of Carex multifolia Ohwi.
Despite the fact that the majority of progeny from triploids were aneuploids, survivors were obtained from all crosses.
If the fetus is male or aneuploid, the ff can be calculated by use of sequence tag data from the X or aneuploid chromosomes (29).
If all embryos are identified as aneuploid, this information helps some individuals and couples move on to other ways of having a family.
In the next lab period (two weeks after the first), students need to determine the mode of inheritance for the three mutations by examining the in cis F1 progeny, identify any unexpected aneuploid progeny that arose through NDJ (see below), and transfer the expected progeny to a fresh culture to form the F2.
4A; double trisomy is unlikely as trisomy 1 is extremely rare, obtained from same patient), one was mosaic aneuploid (monosomy for chromosome 1 in one blastomere out of 48 blastomeres of the embryo, Fig.
All of these genera, however, present an aneuploid series without clear polyploid peaks.
The reported location (Materials and Methods) of each microsatellite marker could be confirmed using the aneuploid stocks.
purpuratus are harvested at the age of 18 mo, it can be considered safe to grow triploid scallops in the environment, where normal diploid scallops are cultivated, because no release of viable, aneuploid gametes has to be feared.
Furthermore, in field and greenhouse experiments in which triploids were used to pollinate diploids, a complex mixture of diploid, triploid, tetraploid, and aneuploid progeny was encountered (Muller 1972; Sterk 1987), although seed set was significantly lower than after cross-pollination by other diploids.
Cells with aneuploid concentrations of DNA are readily differentiated from euploid cells by means of a diplold control, such as human lymphocytes, or chicken or trout RBCS.
The fertilization with an aneuploid gamete results in monosomy or trisomy in the fetus (26).