anesthesiologist assistant

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anesthesiologist assistant (AA)

an allied health professional who, under the supervision of a licensed anesthesiologist, assists in developing and implementing the anesthesia care plan. Duties may include collecting preoperative data, such as taking an accurate health history and performing an appropriate physical assessment; performing various preoperative tasks, such as the insertion of IV and arterial lines, central venous pressure monitors, and special catheters and performing other functions and tasks relating to care under the guidance of a registered nurse with expertise in preanesthesia care; managing the airway and administering drugs for induction and maintenance of anesthesia; administering supportive therapy, such as IV fluids and vasodilators; providing postanesthesia care; providing anesthesia monitoring services; and performing administrative and educational functions and tasks. Anesthesiologist assistants are licensed in only a few states and territories in the United States and some countries in the European Union.
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Thousands of bills are introduced annually on topics ranging from anesthesiologist assistants to welfare reform.
Augustine, Florida, market and is comprised of over 25 providers including physicians, certified registered nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologist assistants.
The bills would have slightly expanded CRNA scope of practice, authorized anesthesiologist assistants to practice in Indiana, created licensure for diabetes educators and dieticians, and recognized certification for music therapists.
The original intent of this legislation, Senate Bill 383, was to address the licensing of Anesthesiologist Assistants.