aneroid manometer

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an·er·oid ma·nom·e·ter

a manometer in which the pressure is indicated by a revolving pointer moved by a diaphragm or Bourdon tube exposed to the pressure.
Synonym(s): dial manometer


an instrument for ascertaining the pressure of gases or liquids, particularly blood pressure. See also sphygmomanometer.

aneroid manometer
provides direct measurement of mean arterial blood pressure through a catheter placed in a peripheral artery.
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In light of this, many institutions are transitioning to automated digital or aneroid manometers.
CPM with an aneroid manometer, recommended as best practice by several studies, (1,13-15,18) provides an objective measurement of cuff pressure that does not involve cuff deflation, potentially decreasing the risk of aspiration.
In multiple studies from the 1970s to 1990s, the accuracy of aneroid manometers in measuring blood pressure has repeatedly been shown to vary by about 35%.