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Avoid the former practice of "control" or anergy testing with mumps or Candida antigens because this is rarely helpful in making TB treatment decisions, even in HIV-positive patients.
The dialysis program pharmacist was instrumental in researching and recommending dosage regimens for the skin and anergy testing.
For this reason, anergy testing is also recommended (Janis et al.
Anergy testing is a diagnostic procedure used to obtain information regarding the competence of the cellular immune system.
Therefore, the use of anergy testing in conjunction with PPD testing is no longer recommended routinely for screening programs for M.
CDC has used both the results of discussions at this meeting and a review of published literature to prepare this updated report, which provides recommendations concerning the use of anergy testing for HIV-Infected persons in the United States.
The results from supplemental anergy testing, in conjunction with PPD-tuberculin skin testing, have been interpreted in two ways (10).
The decision of whether to perform anergy testing cannot be separated from determining how to perform it.
Serial anergy testing among HIV-Infected persons has shown unpredictable differences over time (24,38).
CDC will be developing more specific recommendations on anergy testing and the administration of preventive therapy for immunosuppressed persons.