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an infant with anencephaly.


An infant with anencephaly.


A fetus lacking all or most of the brain.
[G. an, without, + enkephalos, brain]


(an?en-sef'a-le) [Gr. an-, not, + enkephalos, the brain]
Congenital absence of the brain and cranial vault, with the cerebral hemispheres missing or reduced to small masses. This condition is incompatible with life. In the U.S., it is present in about 11 births out of 100,000. This defect results from the lack of closure of the anterior neural tube. Like other neural tube defects, the risk for anencephaly can be reduced with folic acid supplementation (800 mg daily) taken by women before and during pregnancy. See: neural tube defect
anencephalicanencephalus (an?en-se'fal-ik) (an?en-sef'a-lus), adjective
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Caplan contends that parents want to donate the organs of their anencephalic baby, and that their lack of consciousness and terminal prognosis implies such children cannot be harmed.
No one faults the desire of parents to "redeem" the death of their anencephalic baby.
The doctors delivered one normal baby and another dysmorphic anencephalic baby with major heart problems.
Peruvian law allows abortion for therapeutic reasons, yet a Peruvian women diagnosed with an anencephalic baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy was forced to carry it to term and breastfeed it until its inevitable death four days later.
However, I began dreaming that I had an anencephalic baby, where the head is not completely formed and the baby is born dead.
One, In re Baby K, involved efforts by the mother of a severely disabled anencephalic baby to require a local hospital to treat her child's periodic respiratory crises.
The case included one normal baby and another dysmorphic anencephalic baby with major heart problems.