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case study

(1) An in-depth analysis and systematic description of one patient or group of similar patients to promote a detailed understanding of their circumstances.
(2) Research exploring the behaviour and experiences of an individual, group, organisation, community, nation or event. Case studies enable researchers to open up wider issues around their chosen subject

An uncontrolled (prospective) or retrospective observational study involving an intervention and outcome in a single patient.
A description of an experience with a clinical practice innovation project that yields lessons that may be of interest to others.


(a′nek-dōt″) [L. anecdota, unpublished items fr Gr. anekdoton, unpublished]
A brief report of an isolated or unique observation.
anecdotal (a″nek-dō′tălt), adjective


n in medicine, an interesting fact or story, typically unpublished, about a treatment or healing modality.