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case study

(1) An in-depth analysis and systematic description of one patient or group of similar patients to promote a detailed understanding of their circumstances.
(2) Research exploring the behaviour and experiences of an individual, group, organisation, community, nation or event. Case studies enable researchers to open up wider issues around their chosen subject

An uncontrolled (prospective) or retrospective observational study involving an intervention and outcome in a single patient.
A description of an experience with a clinical practice innovation project that yields lessons that may be of interest to others.


(a′nek-dōt″) [L. anecdota, unpublished items fr Gr. anekdoton, unpublished]
A brief report of an isolated or unique observation.
anecdotal (a″nek-dō′tălt), adjective


n in medicine, an interesting fact or story, typically unpublished, about a treatment or healing modality.
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While the barrage of tweets began as a reply to a Business Insider story, Musk also took a shot at TIME for writing a story based on the same anecdote.
It should be pointed out here that some variations of the anecdotes exist in the way they are told through time and space.
Anyone with anecdotes, stories or photographs, or who wants further information about the project, should email s.
In a doctoral dissertation in Indiology at the Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (no date noted), Dadhe analyzes in detail the content of a typical Varakari kirtana religious folk music performance, with a special focus on the anecdotes narrated during it.
Mel C believes that although the musical about the Spice Girls will be fictional, the writers will draw from the girls' many anecdotes.
Tante Jolesch or The Decline of the West in Anecdotes
In a study with a group of individuals who wanted to learn a way to reduce their distress levels, we found that three written anecdotes of beneficial use of problem solving methods led to greater use of the methods as measured by the number of words on problem solving forms, by self-rating of adherence, and by observer ratings of adherence in completing problem solving forms (Coates, Malouff, and Rooke, in press).
AUDIO ANECDOTES III: TOOLS, TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR DIGITAL AUDIO is about digital sound, and is directed to college-level collections strong in details on recording, processing and analyzing music and sound.
The author is an Island resident and gossip who shares fun anecdotes, tidbits of local history and color, and funny stories of both celebrities and island oddities alike.
No skating here, but it's got a combination of interesting anecdotes, personal anecdotes that you wish he would've kept to himself (fear of being talked to in a public urinal?
Exposes of programs like Straight or Florida's government-run boot camps almost always include positive anecdotes along with the accounts of abuse.
Krantz' second offering of anecdotes from the academic world.