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case study

(1) An in-depth analysis and systematic description of one patient or group of similar patients to promote a detailed understanding of their circumstances.
(2) Research exploring the behaviour and experiences of an individual, group, organisation, community, nation or event. Case studies enable researchers to open up wider issues around their chosen subject

An uncontrolled (prospective) or retrospective observational study involving an intervention and outcome in a single patient.
A description of an experience with a clinical practice innovation project that yields lessons that may be of interest to others.
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(a′nek-dōt″) [L. anecdota, unpublished items fr Gr. anekdoton, unpublished]
A brief report of an isolated or unique observation.
anecdotal (a″nek-dō′tălt), adjective
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In a series of tweets Thursday night, Musk contested this version of events, calling this one "of all the bogus anecdotes" in the book, the one that "troubles" him the most.
"and he said...") your long suffering partner will be ready to tell an anecdote of her own.
A British newspaper, which had reported the anecdote, interpreted Pietersen's response as showing lack of loyalty towards England since he is born in South Africa.
The main challenge in using vicarious reinforcement to increase the chances of assignment completion is finding appropriate models, whose stories therapists can present in an anecdote. Sources of useful anecdotes include anyone who has carried out a similar task before and benefitted.
lessons well: Deny abuse; smear kids who report problems as drug addicts, liars, and manipulators; insist that the media "balance" negative stories with positive anecdotes; and when the charges begin to stick and the press and regulators have thoroughly discredited a program, simply change its name and reopen, changing location only if necessary.
Jazz Anecdotes allows the musicians to speak unabashedly, even with pride about their contributions to twentieth-century American music.
In this, the Age of Google, pretty much anyone could quickly compile a decent mishmash of anecdotes, after all.
Just another quick quip and he's on to another anecdote.
Are we dramatizing an anecdote or passing along a bit of hearsay?
It is tempting to reply with even more anecdotes of successful heroes, but arguing by anecdote is not, ultimately, a convincing approach.
Back when I worked as a researcher at RAND, the man in the office next to mine put up a large sign that stated, "Anecdote is the opposite of evidence." OK, only a research geek would actually stick that up on their wall.
All this was fairly routine for the Elizabethans in Ireland; what has made Gilbert famous among sixteenth-century Irish historians is a short anecdote rehearsed of him by one of his soldiers, the poet Thomas Churchyard.