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case study

(1) An in-depth analysis and systematic description of one patient or group of similar patients to promote a detailed understanding of their circumstances.
(2) Research exploring the behaviour and experiences of an individual, group, organisation, community, nation or event. Case studies enable researchers to open up wider issues around their chosen subject

An uncontrolled (prospective) or retrospective observational study involving an intervention and outcome in a single patient.
A description of an experience with a clinical practice innovation project that yields lessons that may be of interest to others.


(a′nek-dōt″) [L. anecdota, unpublished items fr Gr. anekdoton, unpublished]
A brief report of an isolated or unique observation.
anecdotal (a″nek-dō′tălt), adjective


n in medicine, an interesting fact or story, typically unpublished, about a treatment or healing modality.
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The main challenge in using vicarious reinforcement to increase the chances of assignment completion is finding appropriate models, whose stories therapists can present in an anecdote.
It also seems to have spurred at least some journalists to view scientific data as superior to anecdotes when assessing the performance of tough love programs.
Although the reader is not expected to know any of the work of the subjects, the subjects of the anecdotes are usually introduced in terms of the area of mathematics which they practice.
Jazz Anecdotes allows the musicians to speak unabashedly, even with pride about their contributions to twentieth-century American music.
And, needless to say, he brings to the task a rare connoisseurial discrimination, a seasoned eye for anecdotes that are not only juicy but telling, that either underscore or throw into ironic relief some facet of the writer in question.
All this in the first chapter, titled, "What I Do Is Produce," which ends with the Elizabeth Taylor anecdote.
And in a final twist, Gilbert completes the defense of his conduct (in Churchyard's version) with an apt anecdote from the life of the cynic Diogenes of Sinope, a detail that Churchyard knows well not to omit: the classical humanist flourish legitimizes the performance.
An engaging blend of history, anecdote, analysis, and recommendations.
He continues: "the typical Guoyu anecdote also has the basic elements of narrative form as found throughout both works.
It was a self-congratulatory work replete with undocumented passages--one of which was to become perhaps the best-known anecdote in American journalism.
Roger Mudd ended his speech with a humorous anecdote about having the surname Mudd.
For example, in one anecdote the Standholder-King, William III (1650--1702), and his secretary, Constantijn Huygens Jr.