female pseudohermaphroditism

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fe·male pseu·do·her·maph·ro·dit·ism

pseudohermaphroditism with skeletal and genital anomalies but with female gonads and an XX karyotype.
Synonym(s): androgynism, androgyny (1)
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female pseudohermaphroditism

Endocrinology A type of intersex, in which the ovaries and müllerian derivatives are normally developed, and the anatomical ambisexuality is limited to the external genitalia–ie, 2 ovaries and a 46,XX genotype; FP is most often caused by congenital adrenal hyperplasia. See Intersex disorder.
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fe·male pseu·do·her·maph·ro·di·tism

(fē'māl sū'dō-hĕr-maf'rŏ-di-tizm)
Pseudohermaphroditism with skeletal and genital anomalies (ambiguous external genitalia, e.g., clitoral enlargement) but with female gonads (ovaries).
Synonym(s): androgyny (1) .
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